Production Company Produces Press Campaign Shock!

Have you seen the new press ads for NewsWorks? You can’t miss them. Full colour pages across the whole of the national press. And digital executions on the papers’ websites. It’s a proper campaign.

John Lloyd wrote the copy. He’s got a bit of a way with words. The design team Tappin Gofton handled the design and art direction. Best known for their work with Coldplay, the Chemical Brothers and Nadav Kander, their work means the ads jump right off the page.

Here’s the Campaign Live coverage of the ads. And here’s a great piece by John in The Evening Standard – talking about why he wouldn’t have touched the idea with a bargepole twelve months ago. And what made him change his mind.

As a production company we do tv and content stuff. Obviously. But in the last year we’ve been involved with award winning radio ads and a national press print campaign. So if you’ve got a poster campaign that needs some work – maybe you should give us a call….

Sutton Massive 1. PhoneShop does Grime

That’s it. PhoneShop3 is over. Six episodes gone in the blink of an eye. If you missed any (forgivable) or all (unforgivable) then they are all available here on Channel 4′s player.

The high point of the last show was the spoof Grime promo. You can watch the whole thing here. Filmed on a bitterly cold Good Friday on some of the, er, rougher estates of South London, the main cast and crew were joined by some of the locals who made up SM1 – the Sutton Massive 1.

Anyone who’s worked on a film production in those circumstances knows that this is the point where things can get a bit feisty – but such is the affection for the show amongst the target that the whole thing ran smoothly and without any hitches. And every last piece of equipment was accounted for….not something you can always say in similar locations!

See you all at the next MOBO awards!

PhoneShop 3 – Underway

Series 3 of PhoneShop is underway. And the reviews have been brilliant. Endless ‘Tonight’s best show’ in the press and listings sites. These two reviews are well worth spending time with…..

Sam Woolaston shows the series a huge amount of love in his column.

And Andrew Collins pays a similar tribute in his Telly Addict video review.

And if that wasn’t enough – Phil has done a great interview for Digital Spy. Why writing sit-coms is harder than it looks. And why – if you have an avatar featuring a dog wearing glasses – you should change it immediately.

Tomorrow night’s episode features Christopher growing a moustache for charity….Very funny indeed.

Lloydy Does Edinburgh

If you are visiting the Festival then try and get to see John at Udderbelly. After appearing on stage at last year’s charity tribute to Douglas Adams, Lloydy got a taste for the boards. And his one man show premieres in Edinburgh (there’s a London date in October if you are interested).

Of the show he says this:

“I wouldn’t call it stand-up. It’s just a bloke talking and telling stories and jokes and things.”

“I’m not attempting to compete with friends like Bill Bailey or Sean Lock or any of those big hitters. This is a tea time show and it’s relaxed and pleasant.”

Called The Liff of Qi, the show will explore life – and what makes things funny. If you’d like more information then go here where you can also buy tickets.

Or go here – an interview John did about the show with a BBC reporter who didn’t quite get it…