Me and Mr Jones…we’ve got a thing goin’ on.

"Kid Brother" from Nick's recent Ariel spot

“Kid Brother” from Nick’s recent Ariel spot

Nick Jones is a lovely, talented bloke. We know this to be true because he’s decided to join us at QICommercials. Nick cut his teeth in television before crossing over to advertising. Since then he has worked constantly and has assembled a cracking reel of comedy spots.

Nick can spot the comedy potential of an actor at fifty paces. And he’s got a great track record of breaking new talent. Simon Pegg, Olivia Coleman, Martin Freeman and Mitchell & Webb were all ‘spotted’ by Nick in their early tv years.

His relentless enthusiasm, eye for comic detail and famously big nose make him a real asset to the QI roster.

Update – here’s a chat between Nick and Jason Stone at Davids Reviews:

2013 – Last Orders

We’ve all done it. Go to bed drunk. Wake up sober. Albeit with a shocking hangover. And you’re up for anything. Right? Wrong. The body takes longer to deal with the alcohol you consumed last night than you might think. And that was the simple thought behind Dominic Savage’s final commercial project this year. Steve Jones and Martin Loraine at AMV came up with the idea – and turned to Dominic to find out how it might be done most authentically.

So Laurence Saunders (actor) was taken out for a few drinks (okay – a lot of drinks) and then – when he was much worse for wear – he recorded the voice track. Three days (and a horrible hangover) later, Laurence came back in and was filmed lip-synching to his ‘drunk self’. No post-production trickery – simple (but effective) in-the-camera stuff.

1 in 5 of all positive breath tests happen the morning after the night before. Here’s hoping that this film might persuade some people to catch the bus rather than risk driving to work on the morning after that big night out this Christmas.

Lawyer Up

Dominic has just completed a campaign for the legal firm Slater & Gordon. Created at M&C Saatchi by Matt Beaumont and Phil Reedy, the ads run as the Australian based company opens a network of UK offices.

Losing your job and recovering from a serious accident are subjects that need to be handled with sensitivity and care – which is where Dominic comes into his own.

Photographed by Ruairi O’Brien (“The Fall” and “Line Of Duty”) the commercials were edited by Tim Hardy at Stitch and finished at The Mill and Grand Central. The unflappable Mike Griffin produced at the agency end.

Dominic starts work on a new 5 part drama for the BBC through Working Title at the beginning of 2014.

Watch the ad

Please click here to see Dominic’s latest showreel.

Production Company Produces Press Campaign Shock!

Have you seen the new press ads for NewsWorks? You can’t miss them. Full colour pages across the whole of the national press. And digital executions on the papers’ websites. It’s a proper campaign.

John Lloyd wrote the copy. He’s got a bit of a way with words. The design team Tappin Gofton handled the design and art direction. Best known for their work with Coldplay, the Chemical Brothers and Nadav Kander, their work means the ads jump right off the page.

Here’s the Campaign Live coverage of the ads. And here’s a great piece by John in The Evening Standard – talking about why he wouldn’t have touched the idea with a bargepole twelve months ago. And what made him change his mind.

As a production company we do tv and content stuff. Obviously. But in the last year we’ve been involved with award winning radio ads and a national press print campaign. So if you’ve got a poster campaign that needs some work – maybe you should give us a call….