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Sutton Massive 1. PhoneShop does Grime

That’s it. PhoneShop3 is over. Six episodes gone in the blink of an eye. If you missed any (forgivable) or all (unforgivable) then they are all available here on Channel 4′s player.

The high point of the last show was the spoof Grime promo. You can watch the whole thing here. Filmed on a bitterly cold Good Friday on some of the, er, rougher estates of South London, the main cast and crew were joined by some of the locals who made up SM1 – the Sutton Massive 1.

Anyone who’s worked on a film production in those circumstances knows that this is the point where things can get a bit feisty – but such is the affection for the show amongst the target that the whole thing ran smoothly and without any hitches. And every last piece of equipment was accounted for….not something you can always say in similar locations!

See you all at the next MOBO awards!

PhoneShop 3 – Underway

Series 3 of PhoneShop is underway. And the reviews have been brilliant. Endless ‘Tonight’s best show’ in the press and listings sites. These two reviews are well worth spending time with…..

Sam Woolaston shows the series a huge amount of love in his column.

And Andrew Collins pays a similar tribute in his Telly Addict video review.

And if that wasn’t enough – Phil has done a great interview for Digital Spy. Why writing sit-coms is harder than it looks. And why – if you have an avatar featuring a dog wearing glasses – you should change it immediately.

Tomorrow night’s episode features Christopher growing a moustache for charity….Very funny indeed.

PhoneShop3 Has Landed

It’s back! The show described by The Observer as ‘one of the funniest, most over-looked comedies ever broadcast on British television’ returns to the screen this evening.

This from the E4 website:

The award-winning comedy returns for a third series. Under more pressure than ever to sell (and mis-sell), the staff of PhoneShop, Sutton, need to be completely focused and at the top of their game. Unfortunately, the combined distractions of bald patches, moustaches and baked goods mean that, once again, the staff are hopelessly out of their depth.

In this brilliant GQ article that celebrated the 30th anniversary of Cheers, one of the writers of the show commented on the cast: “In Season One – they work for you. In Season Two – you work together. In Season Three – you work for them”.

Tune in tonight and see whether Phil Bowker – PhoneShop’s creator, writer, producer AND director – has managed to keep them on a tight leash. What?! Say somethin’!

UPDATE: The first show was a huge success. Read how much Sam Wollaston at The Guardian enjoyed the episode.

Bowker BAFTA Boost?

Did you catch the start of PhoneShop2 on C4 last Friday? If you did then you’ll know. But if you didn’t – well The Observer reckons you’ve missed out on a treat.

Britain’s ‘funniest, most over-looked comedies’? We’d say so. ‘Writer Phil Bowker deserves a BAFTA’? Well we’d definitely agree with that. Wonder if they spotted Phil produced and directed the show as well? Three BAFTA’s then?

PhoneShop3 in August. Don’t forget.